Trees and forestry.

Making medicine from plants.

Building sustainable homes.

Low to zero-energy Living.

The basic skills that we should all know and that division and specialization has removed from our education.



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Let kids play in the dirt.

Playing through the greenery and litter of a mini forest's undergrowth for just one month may be enough to change a child's immune system, according to an experiment in Finland.  Article Source - https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/daycares-in-finland-built-their-own-forests-and-it-changed-kids-immune-systems/ar-AAOEOBN?ocid=st   When daycare workers rolled out a lawn, planted forest undergrowth (such as dwarf heather and blueberries), and allowed children to care for crops in planter…

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On the energy of Oaks...

I read this article today and enjoyed it. Here is an extract. Source - https://druidgarden.wordpress.com/2018/11/11/sacred-tree-profile-oaks-medicine-magic-mythology-and-meanings/     As druids know, the term “druid” is commonly translated “oak knowledge”, “oak-knower” or “oak-seer” referring to the fact that druids had knowledge of the oaks (and as oaks are a pinnacle species, therefore, druids had knowledge of the broader landscape) or perhaps, understood oaks on the inner and outer planes. …

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The Life of the Bee ~ Maurice Maeterlinck

Extract written in 1901. Beautifully described world....     "The queen started laying again in the first days of February. The workers have flocked to the willows and nut-trees, gorse and violets, anemones and lungworts. Then spring invades the earth, and cellar and stream with honey and pollen, while each day beholds the birth of thousands of bees. The overgrown males now all sally forth from their cells, and disport themselves on the combs; and so crowded does the too prosperous city become…

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Why we should plant gardens...a photo essay.

First of all...why we should not, perhaps. We will not make savings. Scallions from South America and Tomatoes from Israel will continue to be cheap and widely available. If we have tunnels our water bill will give us the heebie jeebies. We will be called to the garden hose daily like a discipline.  But sometimes when that silver arc of water hits a rainbow shaft of sunlight what inspirations will spring in our hearts. We will be plagued with weeds. They will grow over night, and defy…

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Moon Times for Planting

The general suggestions are these... Plant vegetables that bear crops over the ground in the waxing moon; that is, from new moon to full moon. Plant Vegetables that yield edible roots in the waning moon; that is, from full moon to dark moon. Here is a calender for 2015 based on biodynamic moon time planting. Scroll down several pages for individual months and details about when to sow, transplant and harvest.…

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Soil, Shelter and Sunlight

One of the most important things in growing food successfully is the Soil. Other things that are almost as important are Shelter, and maximum hours of Sunlight.  Soil is either alkaline or acid and the different soils are suitable to different vegetables; usually you will supplement soil with additives that help balance the PH, (like lime), and you will increase the FERTILITY of the soil with additions (like manure, compost and so on.) Things you can add to your soil~ 1) Kitchen Compost ~…

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  • http://blog.lege.net/content/StimulatingPlantGrowthWithElectricityM...

    Very interesting collection of results over many decades using electricity and magnetism (in various ways) to influence plant growth and yield.

  • 3024743?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    My daughter took a photo yesterday of Mister Spot among the drying onions. Cat ~Onion ~ Mandala. As if the internet needed more cats. As if I need cat infused onions :/ 

  • Viktor Schauberger. Living Water


  • Extract from http://www.chavezfoundation.org/_cms.php?mode=view&b_code=00100...

    Cesar Chavez speaking against Pesticides.

    Brothers and sisters, pesticides haven't worked. 

    Crop loss to pests is as great or greater than it was 40 years ago. The pesticides haven't changed anything. 

    Because Darwinian evolution has favored pests of all kinds with this enormous ability to resist and survive. 

    It's why antibiotics stop working after awhile. If you don't kill everything, the organisms that survive are tougher and more resistant; and they're the ones that breed. 

    There are mosquitos in parts of the world that can survive any combination of pesticides delivered in any dose. There is a startling resurgence of malaria around the world. And it's much worse now because 40 years ago we relied entirely on a chemical solution. 

    So we ignored alternatives: draining ponds, dredging ditches, observing sound crop practices, encouraging use of natural predators. 

    In the long run, more lives will be lost because for 30 years we also stopped developing malaria vaccines. 

    You can't fool Mother Nature. Insects can outfox anything we throw at them. In time, they will overcome. 

    People thought pesticides were the cure-all-the key to an abundance of food. They thought pesticides were the solution; but they were the problem. 

    The problem is this mammoth agribusiness system. The problem are the huge farms. The problem is the pressure on the land from developers. The problem is not allowing the land to lay fallow and recover. The problem is the abandonment of cultural practices that have stood the test 

    of centuries: crop rotation, diversification of crops. 

    The problem is monoculture-growing acres and acres of the same crop; disrupting the natural order of things; letting insects feast on acres and acres of a harem of delight . . . and using pesticides that kill off their natural predators. 

    Meantime, these greedy chemical companies, multi-national corporations, try to sanctify their poisons. They would have us believe they are the health givers-that because of them people are not dying of malaria and starvation. 

    When all the time, they just want to defend their investments. They just want to protect their profits. They don't want anything to change. 

    The chemical companies believe in the Domino Theory: if any chemical is attacked then all chemicals are threatened. No matter how dangerous it is. 

    It's a lot like that saying from the Vietnam War: we had to destroy the village in order to save it. 

    They have to poison us in order to save us. 

    But at what cost? 

    The lives of farm workers and their children who are suffering? 

    The lives of consumers who could reap the harvest of pesticides ten, twenty years from now? The contamination of our ground water. The loss of our reverence for the soil. The raping of the land. 

    We see these insane practices reflected in the buy-outs and takeovers on Wall Street. It's the same thing: exchanging long term security for short-term gain. 

    You sacrifice a company for the immediate rewards. But you destroy what produces jobs and livelihoods and economic health. 

    If you eat the seed corn, you won't have a crop to plant. 

    Oscar Wilde once said, "A cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." 

    We look at the price, but we don't look at the value. Economics and profit drive everything. 

    People forget that the soil is our sustenance. It is a sacred trust. It is what has worked for us for centuries. 

    It is what we pass on to future generations. 

    If we continue in this thoughtless submission to pesticides-if we ruin the top soil-then there will not be an abundance of food to bequeath our children. 

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