Flax Seed Pillows

These are great for sore muscle relief..even a headache...mine is mixed mint included with the listed ingredients...you can experiment with herbs for the ones you like best ...the flax give penetrating heat right where you want it!

How (And Why) To Make The Best Flaxseed Pillows

Nov 11, 2016 - A complete tutorial showing how to make flaxseed pillows, ... My entire extended family loves using these easy-to-make flaxseed pillows for everything from sore necks to .... embrace simplicity through whole-food recipes, easy DIY projects, ... I buy a 50 lb bag of flaxseed from my local feed store ( you might ...

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  • Sounds like a good idea. Someone recently told me about cherry stone pillows, which sounds great too, although I instantly visualised old grannies sitting in dark corners chawing on cherries all day and spitting out the pits and thought, Ew, I hope they wash those cherry stones real well. Anyways cherry stones have a nice feel inside a pillow and release heat evenly over time. The person who told me has several huge cherry trees in their garden so it's something they actually do. I suppose one could spit the stones in a container and let insects and ants clean them, hahha.(Okay, okay, I would wash them)

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