Latin Name : Taraxacum Officinale

Use : Root or Leaf

Actions : Diuretic, anti-rheumatic, laxative, bitter tonic and digestive, stimulates especially the kidneys and liver. 

Caution : Do not take large doses.

As a  diuretic it is better than general allopathic medicine as it contains potassium and does not therefore strain the kidneys to same extent.

Used in cases of inflammation of gall-bladder and liver, and is a remedy for jaundice.

It detoxifies Ama (damp accumulation) in the body. Good for detox after fatty meat or excess of fried foods.

Dosage : Collect and dry root. 2-3 teaspoons of root in one cup of water boiled for 10 minutes. Eat young leaves in salad as digestive and stimulant.

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