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The Art of Marco Melgrati

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Keep your cool, no matter what, says Marco Melgrati in ''Blonde''.


Born in 1984 in Milan.


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Current Account


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Stranger in the Night


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The Zoo


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The Inner Buddha


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Free Choice


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War In the Name of God


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Modern World




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Optical Illusions

This only works on full screen sizes (not mobile devices)



The reason the brain conjures movement is that the V5 which is the cortical area devoted to movement processing is alongside V4 the cortical area devoted to colour and shape. The V4 neurons

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Salvator Mundi

See adjacent text.

It's a very striking piece of art. The almost futuristic crystal globe, the hand gesture which is suggestive of esoteric matters, the blue robes (the colour made from crushed lapis lazuli), the golden brocade with intricate knotwork, and the calm b

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The Art of Yongsung Kim

A confession - I find a lot of the imagery of Christ in contemporary art to be off-putting, cannot pinpoint why. I like some of the old art like El Greco's Christ, Caravaggio's paintings, and Michaelangelo's sculpture of the Pieta, though these are s

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The Art of Tomasz Kopera

Tomasz is a Polish painter living in Ireland. 



 “In my work I try to reach to the subconscious. I want to keep the viewer’s attention for a longer moment.  Make him want to reflect, contemplate.” 




Tomasz Alen Kopera, 2014





made by: Tomasz Alen Kopera , painting



















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The Art of Elicia Edijanto

Really lovely work

She also has some animated pieces which I link to, which are gorgeous.

 “Back in the old days, we used to live in nature, side by side with all its element; us human, animals, plants, in harmony. We used to live in balance and com

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Ilya Glazunov

Unusual pictures from an elderly Russian artist. Ilya Glazunov is very conservative, and is in favour now with Russian authorities. His images from the late 1990's critiquing modern culture are interesting. He is a monarchist, and holds anti-immigrat

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Cool Cartoons

Opening up recently to the mysteries of animation, I find there is a world of cool cartoons out there which from time to time I stumble upon. 

This first one.. Fetch an amazing short by Nina Paley, who has created the feature length Sita Sings t

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