A place to post the work of visual artists that you find interesting. Painting, sculpture, street art, body art, nature art, and so on.


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The Art of Marco Melgrati

Keep your cool, no matter what, says Marco Melgrati in ''Blonde''.   Born in 1984 in Milan.   Current Account   Stranger in the Night   The Zoo   The Inner Buddha   Free Choice   War In the Name of God   Modern World      

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The Art of Tessa Mythos

Source for words and images ~ https://www.artbymythos.com Rainbow Boat by Tessa Mythos   ''Tessa Mythos is a multi-disciplinary visual artist.   Born in Victoria BC, 1982,  she has lived and shown her work Internationally, In Gallery's and in Forests and on city walls she has exhibited in a range of manners and mediums She has resided on and off Hornby Island for years where she's worked in a range of mediums and methods. She is currently focused on Oil painting and learning old masters…

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Optical Illusions

This only works on full screen sizes (not mobile devices)   The reason the brain conjures movement is that the V5 which is the cortical area devoted to movement processing is alongside V4 the cortical area devoted to colour and shape. The V4 neurons are so saturated that they spark off the V5 neurons which then see movement. This kind of thing is behind hallucinations etc.   Our eyes and brains run on a lot of ASSUMPTIONS - this is coded into us. For shorthand responses. But it also leads to…

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