A place to post the work of visual artists that you find interesting. Painting, sculpture, street art, body art, nature art, and so on.

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Ayham Jabr ~ Memoir of Damask ~ Collage Artist

Damascus Under Siege (Series) Ayham Jabr draws his inspiration from a fused universe, caught between fiction and reality, and uses elements of science-fiction to create his collages: “I’m a huge fan of science-fiction films, and have always been fascinated by the beauty of an outer space world around us, which we hardly know anything about”, he adds. His surprising images transport us to the fringes of a surrealist reality, stuck between two wars, the Syrian and the Martian.…

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The Art of Yongsung Kim

A confession - I find a lot of the imagery of Christ in contemporary art to be off-putting, cannot pinpoint why. I like some of the old art like El Greco's Christ, Caravaggio's paintings, and Michaelangelo's sculpture of the Pieta, though these are still sombre. Android Jones does some great modern art, some of which are of Christ and I have a post on his work here. I found this artist's work - Yongsung Kim - and I like his artwork on Christ. I like the Light and Joyfulness in it. It's cosmic…

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The Art of Abhishek Singh

“A sketch is like my rosary, my meditation to convey my ideas,” ~ Abhishek Singh Shivakul Adi Shakti Shiva Kali Gangavtaran Anahata Shiva Radha Krishna Bhadra Bhairava ~ Celebrating the end of a time cycle Samadhi Durga Hanuman Abhishek Singh working....

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The Art of Tomasz Kopera

Tomasz is a Polish painter living in Ireland.   “In my work I try to reach to the subconscious. I want to keep the viewer’s attention for a longer moment.  Make him want to reflect, contemplate.”  Oceans more of his stuff out there. Dark, but Redemptive!

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