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The Kamea or Magickal Squares date back thousands of years. The Ancient Babylonians, Chinese, Mayans, North Africans, and prehistoric French were familiar with some of these planetary number tables and used them for occult purposes. There are seven Magickal Squares - one for each of the original known planets: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Depicted is the square for each planet along with the planet's seal and an explanation of the arcane power possessed by each.



The Square of Saturn is the oldest known Magic Square. Its discovery is credited to Emperor Yu the Great circa 3000 BCE. It is an order 3 square consisting of three cells across and three rows down. Each horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row adds up to the number 15. Magically, the square is tied to the comprehension of Karma and the understanding of past experiences. It can be used to enhance the development of personal discipline and the correct use of boundaries, limits, and structure. Spellwork concerning this square is best used to bring a matter to its rightful conclusion while surrounding the individual with protection and stability. The colors of this Square are black with white writing. The elements are Earth and Water, the tone is FA or F, the metal is lead, and the day for spell casting is Saturday. The Seal of Saturn is believed to increase life expectancy, guard against renal disease, and be used to see the future.



The Square of Jupiter is an order 4 square. Each row adds up to the number 34. This square was fascinating to the artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) who included it in his artwork titled Melancolia. The numbers of the Square appear in total reverse in that work and it is believed that the bottom row contains the date 1514 (the year of the work). Oddly, Dürer was 43 at the time the reverse of which is 34 and the total of each row. The Square of Jupiter is considered fortuitous bringing success in legal cases, partnerships, and business expansion. It is also believed to enhance one's spirituality. Spellwork with this square should be done on a Thursday. The elements associated with this square are Air and Fire, the tone is SOL or G, the metal is Tin, and the colors are blue with orange/bronze. The Seal of Jupiter is thought to increase happiness, enhance wealth, gain and honor, and bring down enemies.



The Square of Mars is a 5 order square. Each row adds up to the number 65. The square of Mars has an association with the war god Ares and all of his martial associations. The phrase "seeing red" is conducive to this square. The square of Mars is a vibrant energetic square. It enhances taking action, physical strength, personal courage, and willpower. It can be used to control one's temper and passions. It can also be used to bless vehicles, machinery, commercial kitchens, and cooking. Mechanical aptitude is empowered under its energy. Spellwork for this square should be done on a Tuesday. The element associated with this square is Fire, the tone is DO or C, the metal is iron or steel, and the colors are a bright red background with green lettering. The Seal of Mars is believed to make an individual powerful and courageous. Physical energy and stamina are enhanced. Spells done using magnets which are symbolic objects of the metal iron can be used in cases where "magnetic" attraction is desired.




The Square of the Sun is a 6 order square. Each row adds up to 111. In ancient cultures, the Sun was worshiped as both male and female entities. In either role, it always was considered a light-bringer associated with abundance and success. The square of the Sun enhances health and vitality, self-confidence, leadership abilities, and perception of goals. Great powers of self-actualization inherit in this square can lead to success in all new projects. Topics appropriate to this square are issues concerning authority, advancement, and ambition. Spellwork for this square should be done on a Sunday. The element associated with this square is Fire, the metal is gold, the tone is RE, or D, and the colors are a bright yellow background with purple or magenta lettering. The seal of the Sun is thought to make an individual invincible and able to fight off fever and plague. It also helps banish vain delusions.



The Square of Venus is a 7 order square. Each row adds up to 175. The Venusian influence has always been associated with beauty, harmony, and love. The ancient Sumerian symbol for Venus was an eight pointed star or rosette. In ancient times, this expressed the eight year cycle in which Venus drew her pentacle. The square of Venus enhances joy, friendship, love, playfulness, and romance. The square of Venus can be successfully used for inviting love and relationship into your life, enhancing sensory awareness, and heightening domestic or sensual cooking. Spellwork for this square should be done on a Friday. The element associated with this square is Earth, the metal is bronze or copper, the tone is LA or A, and the colors are a lemon yellow background with forest green lettering. The seal of Venus helps individuals obtain favors and kindness and gain love on all levels. 


The Square of Mercury is an eight order square. Each row adds up to a total of 160. In ancient times, Mercury was the god of thieves and trickery but when operating positively, cleverness, caprice, and sharp skills were prominent. Mercury was also the divine messenger who ruled travel and stood as god of the crossroads. The square of Mercury, enhances all types of communication including divination. Spellwork should be done on a Wednesday and includes casting for eloquence, travel protection, and business. The element associated with this square is air, the metal is quicksilver, the tone is MI or E, and the colors are orange-bronze with sky blue letters. The seal of Mercury grants skill for making money in business, cures fevers, and instills genius and memory along with fine eloquence.



The Square of the Moon is a 9 order square. Each row adds up to the number 369. In today's society, we tend to associate the moon with all things female but in ancient times, many cultures considered the moon to be male. Much of the folklore surrounding the Moon focuses on shape-shifting, psychism, and magic. The square of the Moon enhances intuition, instinct, fertility, and creativity. The energy blesses all garden and farming endeavors and safe journeys involving water. Spellwork should be done on a Monday and can be used successfully for heightening psychic awareness. The element associated with the Moon is water, the metal is silver, the tone is T, TI, or B, and the colors are a magenta background with yellow lettering. The seal of the Moon can be used as a remedy for tiredness induced by travel, for fighting disabilities in children, and for aiding in garden growth.


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  • did you know :

    People See Odd Numbers as Male, Even as Female - Live Science


    in light of the above info , allow me to quote you :

    " we tend to associate the moon with all things female but in ancient times, many cultures considered the moon to be male " .... The numbers associated with the Moon are 9, 81, 369, and 3321.

    and if you color odd numbers and even  numbers new patterns appear in the magic square :



    People See Odd Numbers as Male, Even as Female
    Researchers are increasingly finding that humans associate a gender with everything from cars and computers to abstract concepts like numbers.
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    If you google Jain 108 he does interesting stuff with mystical maths, especially Vedic. Seems like a kind-natured person too.


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