The Wheel

“… a time older than the time of chronometers, older than time counted by anxious worried women, lying awake calculating the future.”  ~ Nick Hobson

And what of time?

Wisdom is the ability to live in a chaotic world. It requires the "knowledge behind the knowledge," which means an understanding of the hardware of the mind, its structure, as opposed to the software - the particular languages, sciences, and religions which the mind creates. This is knowledge of Chaos, of the real world in which we all live, and how to find the hidden universal order, the fractal patterns, which lie behind it. The clocks, the TV schedules, the media timetables tell us about the structure of minutes. But what is your heart telling you? Life repeats itself mindlessly - unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel. The WHEEL warns us not to be trapped on the tiny wheel of time like a hamster running relentlessly around in circles. Would we not do better than to watch and listen to the greater cycles that govern us?

The imagery of this card shows a mill wheel  turned by a running stream, yet, in the foreground there are hindering reeds that have slowed its progress.  The Wheel is set into a brick wall that almost seems forbidding … an architectural structure formulated and built my mankind to keep the undesirable out. Still, the Wheel’s greater purpose is community service. It is depended upon to grind corn to make the flour used to bake bread and feed the entire township. From this imagery it is easy to assess that human beings have cycles and wheels built into the architecture of their minds …

The cyclical pattern of seasons provided the ancients with their livelihood while the movement of the stars provided their philosophy. The cycle of generations, business cycles that govern worldwide economies, electoral cycles that dictate democracies, Circadian cycles, bodily cycles and even mood cycles all provide the rhythms that make up our world. The Wheel adamantly seeks to remind us to understand our own individual cycles and rhythms because it all starts every single day with the SELF. Sensitivity to the psychic clocks of ourselves and others is vital.

9-5? - Throughout my years of studying psychology, I began to notice that the 9-5 life doesn't fit anywhere within the natural boundaries of our human psyche- in fact, it is completely unnatural. It's like fashion designers announcing that all clothing will be one-size-fits all. The typical 9-5 hours and work conditions do not coincide with a healthy and happy life for most people. Most people's circadian clock doesn't match that of a 9-5 schedule. We keep pushing this one-size-fits all lifestyle on everybody and we keep getting more obese, stressed, and more divorced.  Coincidence? Prove me wrong.

The Wheel asks us to trust not just the inner SELF but also the tide of events provided by the universe. In Hebrew, the turning of the Wheel  meant reincarnation which was central to the Kabbalah and which taught that the soul was recycled. Life is an energy flow and death is nothing. Buddhist philosophy accepts the Wheel as the eternal flux granting tranquility and enlightenment. Perhaps The Wheel gives us consolation … its endless turning lets us know that all things come full cycle ... the Wheel will come around again and things will happen for us. Even when we feel our lives are going nowhere and that we are drifting, we are still becalmed by those reeds that have slowed us down to rest. It is advantageous to remember that wheels are a part us as much as straight lines. Are you still obsessed with “clock time” and blind to psychological time?

Where do you want to go? You have a set of “wheels.” Elucidate spiritually with those wheels … Use them. Learn to accept opportunity with grace and calamity with composure … the Wheel may turn just a little or instead make a great revolution. No one can deny the inevitability of change. Change is inevitably tied to your own thoughts and beliefs and so turn the Wheel. It is “time” to take responsibility.

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  • SIX is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway,
    path of the souls of the children of men.

    The Key of Wisdom

    Solar Magic Square - Magic Square of the Sun - Solar Numbers

    Associated Numbers
    The numbers associated with the Sun are 6, 36, 111, and 666.

    The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Tablet
  • NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Captured Trio of Solar Flares April 2-3

    The sun emitted a trio of mid-level solar flares on April 2-3, 2017. The first peaked at 4:02 a.m. EDT on April 2, the second peaked at 4:33 p.m. EDT on April 2, and the third peaked at 10:29 a.m. EDT on April 3

  •  § Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary ( big wheels keep on turning ) §

    The Connection Between Solar Activity, Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes, Weather and Cycles on Earth

    the solar activity affects the Earth’s magnetic field. Some science is starting to emerge that demonstrates a possible connection between solar activity and Earth events like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods and storms.

    Not only is the Earth’s magnetic field affected by the solar activity, so is human health and behaviour. Some of the scientific findings are discussed in more detail below.

    Everything on Earth is driven by cycles. The “circadian rhythm” is a cycle every living being on Earth experiences, which is a roughly 24 h (daily) cycle (Figure 6). Prof. Franz Halberg of the University of Minnesota and board member of GCI, coined the term circadian and is widely considered the “father of chronobiology”. Chronobiology is the science that examines cycles of living organisms as well as their adaption to solar and lunar related rhythms (Patrick at el., 2003). “Chrono” pertains to time, and biology to living organisms. The 24 h cycle influences biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes.

    The electrical currents from the sun also affect the human body’s magnetic field.

    The environmental scientist Neil Cherry (2001) reviewed a large number of studies that identified significant physical, biological and health effects that are associated with changes in Solar and Geomagnetic Activity (S-GMA). He suggested that the Schumann Resonances (SR) frequencies that link solar and geomagnetic activity are what link solar activity to the effects on human health and behavior. The SR have ultra low frequency peaks at 7.8Hz, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 45, and 51 Hz, which closely overlap with the human brain

    The Manipūra Chakra is also described as the “Cosmic Door” because it provides an entry for numerous astral powers

    Scientists from Ireland discover a new human organ "mesentery

    The connection between the daily (circadian) and seasonal cycles and geomagnetic activity.

    The human body is designed to adapt to daily and seasonal climatic variations. Environmental factors alter the hormone balance of the body, specifically the melatonin/ serotonin balance, which affect many physiological functions, e.g. blood pressure, breathing, immune system, reproductive, cardiac and neurological processes.

    Research by Burch et al. (1996) and Rapoport et al. (1998) gives evidence that the melatonin levels are reduced during increased solar and geomagnetic activity. In rats, seasonal melatonin levels were correlated with the seasonal variations in the Earth’s geomagnetic field (Bartsch et al., 1994). Diseases like cancer, neurological disease, acute heart disease and heart attacks are all related to melatonin levels that are too low, as is accelerated aging. In the daily cycle, the blood pressure, heart rate, neurological, cardiopulmonary and reproductive functions are affected.

    Since the fetus has melatonin receptors, an increase in sudden infant death is observed during higher Geomagnetic Activity (GMA). Also, reduced melatonin produces arrhythmic cardiac activity, e.g. cardiac activity dropped in rabbits during a magnetic storm (Chibisov et al., 1995).

    In addition, clinical measurements have identified significant changes in blood pressure, blood flow, aggregation and coagulation, cardiac arrhythmia and heart rate variability during GMA events; all of these conditions are influenced by melatonin levels. EEG pattern, pulse rate, blood pressure and reaction time were measured in a group of people by Doronin et al., (1998). The authors noted that the oscillations in the Kp index had identical periods in the monitored EEG Alpha-Rhythm. This confirms that whole body changes occur in conjunction with GMA alteration by changing heart and brain patterns.

    Another study by Pobachenko et al. (2006) monitored the Schumann resonances of the environment and the EEG in a frequency range between 6-16 Hz simultaneously. During a daily cycle, individuals studied showed variations in the EEG similar to changes in the Schumann resonances. Hence, the biological EEG rhythm is characteristic of the daily rhythm of the Schumann resonances. However, some deviations were observed for some individuals, which can be due to the individual’s adaptive ability. Due to the global interconnection between solar and geomagnetic activity, the ionospheric waveguide, Schumann resonances and the human brain (EEG) and heart, increased solar activity can disturb the biological rhythm of humans and animals and exacerbate existing diseases.

    Increased solar activity and GMA is also correlated to a significant increase in heart attacks and incidence of death, myocardial infarction incidence (Villoresi et al., 1998), a 30% to 80% increase in hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease (Oraevskii et al, 1998) and cardiovascular death.

    Neurological Effects correlated to GMA: The brain is a very sensitive electromagnetic organ. The Schumann Resonances appear to interact with the brain, altering the brain waves and neurohormone responses. Geomagnetic storms are strongly related to human health effects and death. Altered EEG rhythms and GMA have been observed by Belov et al. (1998). Strong GMA effects were identified as stressors, while low frequency magnetic oscillations had a sedative effect. A 10 Hz signal stimulates people; while a 3 Hz signal slows them down.

    Also memory and attention were correlated to GMA (Tambiev et al., 1995); rats were observed to behave more aggressively during GMA events (St. Pierre and Persinger (1998); GMA and war (Persinger, 1999); crimes and GMA (1-3 days after solar activity). Rajaram and Mitra (1981) found a correlation between patients with seizures in Calcutta and GMA; increase in epileptic experiences during increased GMA; increase in hospitalization for mental disorders, psychiatric admission and suicide; and increase in depression after geomagnetic storm. GMA is also a trigger for migraine attacks. Birth rates were observed to drop and mortality to increase during increased solar and GMA (Zeitseva and Pudovkin, 1995).

    Cycles related to the solar cycle: Schumann Resonances are closely correlated with the solar cycle, which include the daily, semi-weekly, weekly, 13.5 day and 27-28 day solar rotation, semiannual, annual, 11 year and 22 year cycles (Cornelissen et al., 1998). Dimitrov (1993) found a 7.5 and 11 year cycle in malignant melanoma.

    Halberg et al. (2009) found more cycles being related to the solar cycle: Terrorism 39 year and ~ 16 month component (solar wind speed and geomagnetism), ~ 7 day rhythms in heart rate, ~1.3 year component in systolic blood pressure and terrorism, ~10 months and 5 months rhythms reflected in sudden cardiac death and cardiac arrhythmia.

    We can change the course of planetary events. While solar cycle 24 is becoming more active, affecting all beings on Earth, we can decide on how to react to these changes. It is important to remember that the increasing solar activity has a positive affect – it’s a time when opportunity and creativity can flourish along with increased individual and collective enlightenment. It’s an auspicious opportunity for advancing our intelligence on how to cooperate more harmoniously with each other and with Mother Earth. This can eventually lead to a global consciousness transformation and increasing peace. A few effective co-creative actions we can take through these opportune times would include committing to reducing fear, becoming more responsible for our own energy, and increasing love, care and respect for others and for ourselves. This can do much to restore balance and energetic alignment between Earth and the global community.

    Many thanks to all who are caring and holding the vision of humanity in the state of joy, love, peace and health and a vision of a vibrant Earth. I would like to end this commentary with a quote by Albert Einstein:

    “Our task must be to free ourselves – by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

    Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. and GCI Research Team

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    Ernest McClain ~ Music and Cosmology


    ps:  Negative polarity CH HSS sparks G1 geomagnetic storm Posted by on March 01, 2017


    also : the sun unleashed a solar flare on May 17 2012 - but scientists are now puzzling over what happened on Earth.

    Neutron monitors all round the world lit up in response to the blast for the first time in six years, despite the fact it was an M-Class, or moderate, flare.

    The 'answering' pulse shouldn't have happened at all. Now scientists are trying to unravel what happened - and why our planet 'pulsed' in response.


    and in March 19 2017 :

    *** Meton found that 19 solar years are almost equal to 235 lunar months and 6940 days. This was valuable information for those who sought to create a lunar calendar. The Current Metonic Cycle from 1999 through 2017

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