The Dumbass Meditation

Being a dumbass is actually a metaphor for “miraculous process” –

I AM not a dumbass because I ask questions but I will become a dumbass if I cease to ask them –

If I fear looking like a dumbass then I will never try or say anything different or challenging -

If I have in fact acted like a dumbass, it is not the end of the world, rather, it is a prerequisite of enlightenment -

If I constantly cover up my dumbassedness then I can never learn how to differentiate or innovate –

Dumbassedness is only an event;  it is not me, it is not an aptitude and it is not an outcome –

It is a powerful person who has the ability to be a dumbass, for he who thinks he is never a dumbass is the biggest dumbass of all –

When I am criticized as a ”dumbass,” the ensuing feedback is full of ideas that I can use -

Being a dumbass helps me recognize my courage, dignity, graces, clumsiness or cowardice –

It is not hard to admit that I actually enjoy moments of dumbassedness –

When I increase my willingness to accept being a dumbass I also increase my chances for success –

Making dumbass mistakes is actually creativity –

Being a dumbass is the epitome of honesty –

I have nothing to lose because I have acted like a dumbass –



What am I if not a glorious dumbass!


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  • Whoops. I meant that bit about Americans as a joke, probably didn't translate well. Sorry. I'm a total dumbass!

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  • Haha, I confess to regularly being a total dumbass. Although I don't use that word, usually it involves a string of fluent curses, we don't use dumbass in Ireland, that's just you dumbass Americans who use dumbass. :D Or asswipe...that's another one of ye're inventions, that stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard that, what a term. Here beloved friends and siblings call each other f*cking this and thats, the second word usually being the much more offensive. We are a meditative lot.

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