Magneta Ricity


Her friends call her Magpie. The public knows her as Maggie. A reporter asks her if that’s short for Margaret, Margot or Margery, she tells him none of those. “I threatened to call myself Peggy because I hated Gwendolyn, my real name. So we all settled for Maggie.” There’s a smirk way below the beaming gleaming smile, like layers of paint deep beneath a great canvas.


Now she’s running for office. Elect Ricity Mayor of Camarillo!


She knows it looks funny. That’s why she’s running. She chose the office of Mayor because in Spanish that means Major. Major currents running through the earth meridians must be addressed politically as well as from on high or within. And she’ll probably win.


Very powerful lady, this Magneta Ricity. Her real parents are Magneto-Dielectric and Gabriella Maitreya. Her bio says that her Mom is an Alzheimer’s patient somewhere in Mendocino & her Dad the late Count Ricity, which can be verified. She has all kinds of powers. Can stretch her temporals wide as football fields. Can open her mouth and hear Hathor come out. Can charm the pants off of laborers and executives alike. Yes, she’ll probably win this local seat. But it doesn’t matter. Either way she’ll ride the jet streams of her own influences, and, not always tragically, let humans be humans.


“It’s amazing how clear and simple it is to work for the good,” Magneta said in a recent interview for the Camarillo Brillo. “Most of the bad in our state is stupidity, either a sloppy inattention to details or petty behavior. Very little of it is evil, but the petty can become cruel and the cruel caters to evil, so it is corrosive. The range is so vast, there is plenty of room for forgivable mistakes of all sizes. At the end of the day humanity tends toward the good, and I just want to accentuate that, to put out policies and morale that tend towards excellence.”


Can Ms. Ricity insure the petty and sloppy will connect with and elect Ricity?


“That’s one of the few things I cannot be sure of! It’s up to every voter to decide where they fall between me and {incumbent opponent} Vic Styles. Free will is fun, free will is also very American, and  making choices is what we do. We vote every day, whether we care about government or not. It’s up to you what you think, what you eat, what you believe, and who you vote for to set the course of our infrastructure.”


It’s up to you 

  … a campaign slogan that doubles as an admonishment from the gods …


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