A great gulf has become apparent, ever wider in the last decades.

On the one side there are those who believe in the existence of  an a priori essential Unity, a Oneness which divided and from which separation emerged form and matter, engendering  human being and the natural Universe. People who hold this kind of belief, and its expressions are manifold as it is the foundation of all world religions and metaphysics, seek salvation or enlightenment of various orders, which constitutes a faithful return to this union, or, in short, to God. Excavation of the traces of earliest tribes and civilisations demonstrate that a belief in an all-encompassing supra-natural order has been the fundamental ground of human intelligence since discernible antiquity.

On the other side there are those who believe that humankind  has been progressively evolving from its earliest beginnings in some sort of protoplasmic mulch, the Universe has manifested from random electrical configurations, that various biological traits fortunately emerge and are perfected or discarded in some instinctive striving towards order and that mortals will eventually progress to being super-human, all of our own accord. What knowledge there is to ever know will be comprehensively revealed via tools constructed by human design, and the very fabric of life will eventually come to be whimsically spun much as clay is moulded as humanity extends its penetration in the material world.

This gap between fundamental world views opened long ago, officially in the age of Enlightenment, so called, when prominent people sought to throw off the shackles of tradition and embrace the scientific theory. Yet, for some hundreds of years thereafter, religious people and materialists lived in a tolerant accommodation of each other's world views. It is only in quite modern times that the materialists have felt emboldened to summarily dismiss those who believe in any semblance of metaphysical essence and unity as being the superstitious devotees of contemptible sky fairies.

At this time, the schism appears unbridgeable. Attempts at argument from first principles are dismissed now with a casual, ''So what?'' and even more ironically with, ''What does it matter?'' To counter such insouciance is nigh on impossible presently because as soon as there is a whisper of anything beyond the observable world of dense reality, the argument is dismissed out of hand as being irrational. One may hold that both sides must be rooted at some earliest point in a unified prima materia,  but more and more this idea appears optimistic and naive. It seems as though  some profound alienation has occurred which has effectively split the world in two.

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  • I feel as if there is a coming change though. As a former hard-line (at times militant) Atheist, I would say there is hope. It lies somewhere between personal psychology and scientific discovery. More and more the sciences are rediscovering ideas that were found by the ancients, and it's eroding the line between science and spirituality. This is actually giving fuel to Western Philosophy, which is also overturning narrow Enlightenment Age views and challenging the views of scientific materialism. In essence Scientific materialism is being grown out of as time passes. On the more grassroots level, and slowly it penetrates traditional scientific institutions, there is a new psychedelic revolution that is occurring. Scientists are limited on how to explain all of this, yet, once again, they find many parallels and answers in the traditional metaphysical world. The psychedelic experiences that are being played with in formal and informal settings alike are being found to be profoundly therapeutic and ... challenging. People are, through their own experimentation and experiences, being forced to rapidly throw off the immature materialist ways of thinking. Similarly on a grassroots psychedelic front, mental illness and general panic is rising. This might be seen as a negative, but it actually the ferile soil for awakening. The discomfort that arises from knowledge of impending species-wide doom, the threat of nuclear war, rising global weather catastrophies, and the manic lifestyle of impulsive pleasure seeking is slowly driving everybody a little bit nuts; especially since so many believe that their existence ends at the endof their short lives. There are many unfortunate side effects of this, but ultimately it is leading the perceptive among us to take a deep dive inward, as the outward problems appear simply too great to handle. Why coat the world in rubber if we can just put rubber on the bottom of our shoes? There are many of us, a natural result of being awash in near unlimited data. Once the inward search begins, we use the vast resource of the internet to our benefit. Then we go out into the world, make more connections, etc. Even the business and political sector are starting to look inward, which i something I certainly never expected! The lines are blurring and more and more, people are seeing that metaphysics is just another part of physics, not really separate.

    The natural way of things is taking care of everything. Dualitistic mindset is weak and temporary. Truth is far too powerful to let it continue existing. On the surface, people appear dimwitted and helpless, but there are forces beneath that are always working to wake them up. Humans are immensely powerful beings, our potential can't be contained forever. It appears chaotic, but in the end, Truth always get us there.

    • quote"More and more the sciences are rediscovering ideas that were found by the ancients, and it's eroding the line between science and spirituality."

      just to add some examples


      The Importance of Gut Health According to Ayurveda


      You Have a Second Brain In Your Gut, Scientists Say


      and so on and on ......

       Pitta is a term originating from the Sanskrit word pinj, meaning "to shine." This dosha, which is composed of the fire element, rules digestive, chemical, and metabolic function, and is associated with heat and oiliness. Its main seat is the small intestine, and it is the dosha believed to add luster to the eyes, hair, and skin. In a more figurative sense, pitta also governs our ability to "digest" not only the food stuff but also the concepts and information, which we then use to perceive our world.

    • Hi Kshetrajna, Thank you for reading and especially for this optimistic and yet grounded perspective you offer. It echoes very much what a couple of wise friends have said to me, especially recently - that I must not forget the very powerful forces (of Truth) that are always operating behind the scenes. I suppose there has been so much rapid materialistic change in my country (Ireland) that the great divide or estrangement has really come to the fore in recent years and for the moment more and more one finds oneself among good friends, good people, but unable to offer any perspective that is not atheistic or ''progressive'' because it is simply not acceptable to many people's minds. To posit the existence of the metaphysical is considered laughable, so for me I stay quiet. And notice the great divide of approaches to the miraculous nature of existence with confusion and loneliness.


      The unfortunate side effects you speak of trouble me so much at the moment, but it may be my age, now that my children have grown up I look out more in the world to see what is happening for the lineage.

      Some of the awakening response comes in fantasy - New Age responses which are inherently selfish, looking out for oneself etc. This is like spiritual materialism. I worry for that too, as all of us are inclined towards soporific imaginations, myself as much if not more than anyone!

      But you and my other positive friends are correct - there are great forces moving.  The Truth cannot remained concealed forever. Forces one can hardly contemplate accost the falsity.Thank you for reminding me, reminders are like prayers and blessings.

      I cannot guarantee that I will not occasionally put pen to paper in frustration in the future and write these types of posts, as it is probably a way to let off steam! So if you see another such post try not to think, whoa, who is dumbo over there! :D


      Lovely to meet you.

      • I'm here to offer whatever service I can. Glad I could be a bit of help. And no worries, I forget just as much as the next guy. And yes, Mother Gaia us is giving birth. Much of what I share was revealed in communion with her.

      • no one said that giving birth is a breezy task ( i think :) ) ....  same applies for Ea rth / Ga ea as it gives birth to a new paradigm :)


        if i may .... a song is fifty times better than a long discourse :p :


        § Undisputed Truth-You Make Your own Heaven and Hell Right Here on ...


        ps: great post Kshetrajna

        •  Haha it isn't for the ones with feeling at least. Thanks for the kind words as well. :)

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