Esoteric Letter L ( eL )


"Ears that hear and eyes that see-- the LORD has made them both"   Proverbs 20:12


Lamedh may have come from a pictogram of an ox goad or cattle prod. Some have suggested a shepherd's staff.

(  If behind every beards there was wisdom, goats would be prophets.  ;) )

Ancestors, descendants and siblings

  •  : Semitic letter Lamedh, from which the following symbols originally derive

  • The Arabic letter Lam is equivalent to the letter 'L'
  • Λ λ : Greek letter Lambda, from which L derives

  • Л л : Cyrillic letter El, also derived from Lambda

  • ℒ ℓ : Script letter L

L and R may be regarded as essentially the same letter. The Chinese confusion of the two is well-known. But their identification became almost a necessity in the ancient Hebrew-Egyptian exchange of words, ideas and symbols, in as much as the Egyptian alphabet had no L and was forced to substitute R in all words where the Hebrew could use either L or R. It is therefore extremely likely that the great basic words, as seen so well in Latin rex, king, and lex, law, are of practically identical significance.  (  )

***found this hieroglyph for L but not quite sure if correct , nevertheless , Lion is most of the time associated with Rex

R and L came, ( with J ( ex: Joy , freyJa or Juju ) and SH ( ex : SH-M-SH (shemesh)__  Talmudic šem-šamáįm ("shem-shamayim"), 'name of heaven' ___  or Shiva ) to emblemize divinity

§ Shuffering And Shmiling §

:P ___  § Reggae got souL §

A cursory view of names based on R and L yields many interesting items. The R and L can be associated with any of the vowels and can either follow or be preceded by it.

From AL-LA we note Allah, Aladdin, Alheim (Elohim), the frequent Al--of Arabic names and a host of others, perhaps our all. From EL-LE we have El, the Hebrew word for God, the plural being Elohim. 

  • Ka Li Ma / Ma Lai Ka
  • AL-aLa (The Most High)
  • Is Lam

The Uniqueness of Lamed:

The letter Lamed is unique in the Hebrew alphabet since it is the /tallest/ letter (it is the only letter that rises above the baseline) and, as the 12th letter, it is considered the /central/ letter (or "heart") of the Hebrew alphabet: Since Lamed towers over the other letters from its central position, it is said to represent /melekh hamelakhim,/ the King of Kings. This idea is supported by the idea that the preceding letter stands for /kisei hakavod,/ "the throne of Glory," and the following letter stands for /malkhut,/ "kingdom.

The Hebrew name of the letter itself, /lamed,/ comes from the root /lamad /meaning to learn or teach, which first occurs in Deuteronomy 4:1

  • Lamed and Heart KnowLedge : Rabbi Akiva (50-135) is said to have noted that the spelling of /Lamed /can be seen as an acronym for the phrase /lev meivin da'at,/ meaning "a heart that understands knowledge": In other words, the goal of learning and teaching /(lamed)/ is heart knowledge.
  • The Gematria of Lamed : The letter Lamed itself represents the number 30, but its constituent parts, Vav and Kaf, yield the number 26, which is the number of , YHVH: Since Lamed is central and raised above all the other letters, it represents YHVH ( Yahoo ), or the King of Kings. Moreover the number 30 is the same value as (Judah), indicating a connection between "learning," YHVH ( Yahoo ) , and the tribe of Judah (see Genesis 49:10 )

"Aut-ib, the Hieroglyph for JOY"

     "when the heart goes open ( Phtha )"

"when the heart expands"

"the heart goes wide"  


*****LAMADU - Learn (or to teach) ( sumer )

read more at :Lamed


other words built on L:

  • SaLam.... Sha Lom ..... Sa Lute

  • La K Sh Mi

  • LiNgaM

  • LaJJa gauRi is a goddess associated with abundance and fertility

  • aNgeL

  • ENLIL - Lord of Airspace ( sumer )

  • Love

  • Light

  • SouL

  • UL - High (high as the sky) ( sumer )

  • OLoRuN is the name given to one of the three manifestations of the Supreme God in the Yoruba pantheon

  • God (a god) - ILU ( sumer )

  • Goddess - ILATI ( sumer )

  • LAMADU - Learn (or to teach) ( sumer )

  • Man - LU ( sumer )

  • Raise Up - ELU ( sumer )

  • Supreme - ILAT ( sumer )

  • Lord - BeLuM or eN  ( ex :  eN LiL / eN Ki )

  • Spirit World - LA'ATZU ( sumer )

etc... ( for more  : Etymologies, meanings, and definitions of spiritual, religious, and philosophical words beginning with the letter L. )

to be continued

Keep this in Mind

An archetype can be:

  • a statement, pattern of behavior, or prototype which other statements, patterns of behavior, and objects copy or emulate;
  • a Platonic philosophical idea referring to pure forms which embody the fundamental characteristics of a thing;
  • a collectively-inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., that is universally present in individual psyches, as in Jungian psychology;


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      "Angels are messengers of god. But god was EL, which is why we have the names of the Archangels bearing the ‘el,’ suffix Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, etc,.”"

      replace el with the word light in all the previous names

      ps:  Michael Tsarion also talks about The Female Illuminati or how women of old were the great betrayer ( if memory serves me right ) ... so i always have with me my salt shaker  .....  take his knowledge with a grain of salt

      from wikipedia:

      ʾĒl (or 'I cognate to Akkadian: ilu) is a Northwest Semitic word meaning "god" or "deity", or referring (as a proper name) to any one of multiple major Ancient Near East deities. A rarer spelling, "'ila", represents the predicate form in Old Akkadian and in Amorite.[2] The word is derived from the Proto-Semitic archaic biliteral ʔ‑L, meaning "god".

      Specific deities known as El or Il include the supreme god of the Canaanite religion,[3] the supreme god of the Mesopotamian Semites in the pre-Sargonic period,[4] and the god of the Hebrew Bible.


          1 Linguistic forms and meanings
          2 Proto-Sinaitic, Phoenician, Aramaic, and Hittite texts
          3 Amorites
          4 Ugarit and the Levant
          5 Hebrew Bible
          6 Sanchuniathon
          7 Poseidon
          8 See also

  • Orion



    Seamen have called it the Golden Yard-arm; tradesmen, the L, or Ell, the Ell and Yard, the Yard-stick, and the Yard-wand, as occupying 3° between the outer stars, — the eLwand of Gavin Douglas; Catholics, Our Lady's Wand; and the husbandmen of France and along the Rhine, Rateau, the Rake. In Upper Germany it has been the Three Mowers; and it is often the Magi, the Three Kings, the Three Marys, or simply the Three Stars


    15-Year-Old Schoolboy From Quebec Discovers Forgotten Mayan City In...

    William said he did not understand why the Maya developed their cities away from rivers - unlike ancient Egyptians - or on marginal lands and in the mountains.

    With this question in mind, the inquisitive teenager analyzed 22 Mayan constellations and the sites of archaic Mayan cities from his own home in Saint-Jean-de-Martha. He compared the location of 117 Mayan cities to the constellations found in the Madrid Codex, a Mayan text dated between 900 and 1521.

    He realized that the Mayans aligned their cities with the position of stars, and so he matched each city to star charts made by astronomers. He drew the constellations on to transparent sheets and laid them over maps of Mayan cities.

    Surprisingly, the sites adhered to the same patterns. According to Journal de Montreal, this was the first time a researcher made a direct connection between the stars and the locations of Mayan cities.

    William also realized that there was one star in another constellation that did not seem to follow the pattern.

    One of the three stars in the Orion constellation, which has a central place in the Mayan religion and culture, did not correspond to a city. Two of the stars matched the sites of Calakmul, Mexico and El Mirador, Guatemala respectively. Where was the third?

    If William's study is accurate, the missing Mayan City would be located in a remote coastal location in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

    The boy zeroed in on the exact location of the lost city. What did he find? A pyramid and about 30 ancient buildings, all hidden in the thick forest. -

    see also : Maps and Superstitions ...

  • § Les Edits Du Golem - Sumac §

    The Tzadikim Nistarim (Hebrew: צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים, "hidden righteous ones") or Lamed Vav Tzadikim (Hebrew: ל"ו צַדִיקִים,x"36 righteous ones"), often abbreviated to Lamed Vav(niks),[a] refers to 36 ( 2^2x3^2 ) righteous people, a notion rooted within the more mystical dimensions of Judaism. The singular form is Tzadik Nistar (Hebrew: צַדִיק נִסתָר).

    The source is the Talmud itself, explained as follows:

        As a mystical concept, the number 36 is even more intriguing. It is said that at all times there are 36 special people in the world, and that were it not for them, all of them, if even one of them was missing, the world would come to an end. The two Hebrew letters for 36 are the lamed, which is 30, and the vav, which is 6. Therefore, these 36 are referred to as the Lamed-Vav Tzadikim. This widely-held belief, this most unusual Jewish concept is based on a Talmudic statement to the effect that in every generation 36 righteous "greet the Shekhinah", the Divine Presence (Tractate Sanhedrin 97b; Tractate Sukkah 45b).[1]

    ****They are the secret kings and queens of this world

    ****  note : Amon - "the Hidden One"

    § Bombino - Iyat Idounia Ayasahen (Another Life) §

    • THE SECRET OF THE UNION OF THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE WITH THE SHECHINAH, AS MENTIONED. And when the Holy One, blessed be He joins with the Shechinah, this verse is fulfilled: "on that day HaSheM shall be One, and His Name One" (Zecharyah 14:9). Then the cause of all causes, KETER, dwells upon them. - Zohar 16:7



      § The Undisputed Truth-Show Time §

      • Song of Songs 8:6  Scripturally, the Song of Songs is unique in its celebration of sexual love.[2] It gives "the voices of two lovers, praising each other, yearning for each other, proffering invitations to enjoy".[3] The two are in harmony, each desiring the other and rejoicing in sexual intimacy; the women (or "daughters") of Jerusalem form a chorus to the lovers, functioning as an audience whose participation in the lovers' erotic encounters facilitates the participation of the reader.... Song of Sol O Mon 8:6 Literally A flame of JAH (a poetic form of YHWH, the Lord)

      • ps: The word L OR D in Hebrew gives 86 as numerical value, just as the word Elohim: phe, aleph, he, giving 86 = 80+1+5. ;)

      The temperature inside The Great Pyramid remains constant at 68 degrees F ____ A baby's temperature while in the womb remains constant at about the same body temperature as the mother's, which is about 99.86 degrees F ___ § Mother's Finest - Baby Love §


      § Soul Serenade §

      Quran ascribes to Sol O Mon a great level of wisdom, knowledge and power Quran 27/15–17 According to Islamic holy scripture, he knew the "language of the birds" (Mantiq al-tayr)

      In Egyptian Arabic, hieroglyphic writing is called "the alphabet of the birds". In Ancient Egyptian itself, the hieroglyphic form of writing was given the name Mdw-Ntjr ("words of the gods" or "divine language").


      § FLY ROBIN FLY §




    • a62464e3-6c65-4254-b858-bcb1d0a9a730_zps06118cf8.png?width=203

      “We inherit ourselves.”

      § Creative Source - Who is hu and what is hu to yhu ( funkyyy) §

      OthaLa – “Oh-thaLL-ah” – Literally: “Homeland” or “Ancestral Lot” – Esoteric: Inheritance, estate, noble

      Rune of anscetral spiritual power, divine inheritance and earthly estate.

      Psi: ancestral spiritual power

      Energy: ancestral spiritual power, inheritance, heaven on earth, “The gift of Ing, paradise, utopia

      Mundane: household, estate, inheritance

      Divinations: A home or estate, group prosperity, group order, freedom, productive interaction; or lack of customary order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, homelessness, xenophobia, racism, genocide.


      Rightful inheritance from ancestral holdings
      Collection of numinous power and knowledge from past generations
      Acquisitions of wealth and property
      Right understanding of global unity
      Security, safety, protection, the walls of Asgard
      Ascension to King amongst men
      Realization of Paradise

      tumblr_o474am243B1ttsrjjo1_1280.jpg?width=320The piercing of a place or object with a metal pin or nail is a common tool in the world of magic

      The Sword in the Stone - The Legend of K ing Art Hur

      § Big Pimp Jones - Slip N Slide §


      5675318a91a72a079244d1ab0eb91bda.jpg?width=230 § Nice & Slow §.... § Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank :D §

      Every thing devoted in Israel shall be thine.
      Numbers 18:14

      Genesis 14:18 introduces M eL chizeDek a "Priest of the Most High God" (EL ELyon)

      ps: The term "Land of Israel" is a direct translation of the Hebrew phrase ארץ ישראל (Eretz Yisrael), which occurs occasionally in the Bible,[13] and is first mentioned in the Tanakh at 1 Samuel 13:19

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