Don't You Hear Them Calling

I have had little sleep in the past few days, because these words would not leave my mind until I posted them. I believe I will sleep good tonight.

I am still sad, and want to cry, from them, if you could feel what I feel you would cry.

The Great Mothers are so angry, at how their children are treated. They are lied to, they are bribed, they are put into danger, fear pain, longing, crying for their children missing by the thousands every day. How so many are put to sleep, walking in a daze. How our young are taken away from nature,  putting wires in themselves calling it Life. 

Our water is poisoned, our air, the ground the food we eat, the food we plant ourselves. 

Our weather is controlled, our leader, our doctors, teachers, spiritual leaders, our parents out of fear, that they would starve. 

They say the earth is warming, not from what man do or nature do, but those secret thing neither know about. Don't you feel the secret, the hidden thing on the wind. Don't you feel dirty no matter how much you bathe like the air is foul. 

Have you not noticed that lies are taken as truth and truth is lies. They are telling our children they neither men or women but it. They  have no gender. They watch everything we do, say eat, how we sleep. and they put up screens for us to watch to keep us entertained. They give us lives to live, they teach us how to  lie,steal, cheat, hurt, kill. How not to feel for our fellow human. All for you nothing for them. You you you you you you, me, me, me me me me me me me me me me.

But in truth, they have lulled us to sleep. We do not see, we do not hear, and we do not speak.

The Mother is calling us, don't you hear her. The earth is speaking, don't you feel it. I  need your love your energy so I can heal! The Great Mothers are calling our hearts, don't you her them, walling, screaming pleading for us to hear, to wake up, to feel.They are calling their children, All the races of the Earth. Remember Your Mothers, have you forgotten us, have you forgotten how, they ask. Have you forgotten  how to make the sweat lodges, how to purify yourselves, how to go within and be still, how to hear your true mothers calling you. The ones that you don't need to go into a building to hear. The ones that don't require you to suffer to come to them. The ones that don't want your children to suffer, but to live in love, peace, truth, strength. To be who you truly are, not what others think you should be, to lend a help in hand, instead of making it so much harder on you. Letting you walk your path but is there if needed. The Great Father and Grand Father was calling, but you did not hear them, they sit in tears waiting for their children to answer their call, as the Mothers Wail, and no tears fall, for they have cried so long and so hard. "Please  hear us" they say," are you angry at us for taking so long to return, We are so sorry but we were trapped as well, but as soon as we were free, have embarked on a return journey to set  you fee".

Go within, be still and listen to us calling, and you will know it is your true Parents returning. Prepare get ready, go within and talk to us, tell us your fear, your anger, at this world and at us, so together we can heal, and heal our Earth. Don't take to long we are almost there, remember you are created in our image in our likeness, when you see yourself in the mirror, you see us."! 

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  • If we don't work on ourselves, how can we save anyone. We are so busy helping others that we are dying from what they take, maybe we should help those who help themselves, that way you know, that person is true, because if you are weak, how can you help anyone.

    • Excellent advice, Lady

      We are so busy helping others that we are dying from what they take, maybe we should help those who help themselves, that way you know, that person is true 

  • I hope you do sleep well tonight Lady. There is so much pain and suffering going on that is totally unnecessary. There is natural suffering that goes with a human incarnation, sickness old age and death, but there is also way over the odds amounts of other suffering that is created. I don't know what to do about it. To focus solely on oneself seems selfish but i have seen many ruined by focusing too much outwards to help save the world and others. Tiredness, bitterness, exhaustion, grim defeat.....I have observed that in people who started full of vigour for changing the world and when they come to old age they are shadow people. I do not know what is the solution. I offer it up to higher power.

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