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Magneta Ricity


Her friends call her Magpie. The public knows her as Maggie. A reporter asks her if that’s short for Margaret, Margot or Margery, she tells him none of those. “I threatened to call myself Peggy because I hated Gwendolyn, my real name. So we all sett

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Post Divinity



Nietzsche called it over a hundred years ago when he echoed previous philosopher's concerns that ''God is dead''. This thought, which had emerged earlier in the 1850s, presaged the elevation by the Enlightenment of the worship of science above met

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These international stars dont get enough credit in other countries, this artist is amazing, visually in her video's & costumes.. as well as in her vocal flow in pitches, its tribal in nature so I get mesmerized into trance states very easily in th

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Thieves of Time and Cherry Stone Pillows

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There was a time and time to gather cherry stones over the season, which were then made into pillows for loved ones who could warm them by the stove before bed on cold winter nights to ward off aches and chills.

In my father's time, he worked at t

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Midconversation with a diarist

  The thrill of anonymity is tempered at once knowing it is better not to ruminate aloud clumsily just because no one here knows my name. For once I do not need my signature attached where it could be found using a proper search engine. The best way

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Fields of bluebells and a hawthorn tree in the fleeting shadows of the spring skies, Dartmoor, UK


This has been a truly bountiful year for tree blossom. The hedgerows are full of flowers, more than usual, and now, as May wanes, whenever there is a breeze the petals of the Hawthorn's blossoms fall in slow-moving drifts of confetti.

There is a l

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Into the Light

Here is a post I wrote a couple of months ago. Today I am revisiting my conclusions as to what I am about to share was. I'd love it if, from my description, you might be able to help me with understanding what this was and what to do with it. 


I'd li
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A great gulf has become apparent, ever wider in the last decades.

On the one side there are those who believe in the existence of  an a priori essential Unity, a Oneness which divided and from which separation emerged form and matter, engenderin

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