2017 Maps of Meaning 10: Genesis and the Buddha

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In this lecture, I discuss the creation stories in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and describe the parallels with the stories of the development of th...

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  • I am testing the Video feature. I don't know if it is worth using as it seems a bit strange and convoluted, and I have not figured out if the videos embedded here use up more storage space than if embedded in an ordinary thread. Plus I cannot see any way to designate a limited number of videos to display in the video module on the front page. Seems a bit under-coded at the moment. Anyways, just to let ye know it's not a definite thing as of yet, it might not be used on the site, so, just testing for a while...You can upload videos here etc if you want and it would even be useful for me to see how it works, but don't come shaking yer fists if its not here later. For me I linked to the youtube page URL rather than to the embed code when uploading this video, even though it says it accepts the embed code. Embed code did not work for me. 

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