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Okay...there's not so much we can do about it. It's the same old story told with a  thousand different words. But what is going on for our fellow planeteers is of interest to some...

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Uni Loonies

It's a bit difficult to know where to start with this, as there are so many aspects and it has a bit of a historical lead in that is tricky to exactly pin down. I will start by saying there has been an increase in identity politics activism and what…

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Current Events

A thread to report on things happening now globally. There has been a lot going on recently. A lot of grim news from Baghdad to Nice, France, to the aftermath of an attempted coup in Turkey. Though I have been tempted to open threads on different…

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Welcome to 2030 ~ Ida Auken

Author's note: Some people have read this blog as my utopia or dream of the future. It is not. It is a scenario showing where we could be heading - for better and for worse. I wrote this piece to start a discussion about some of the pros and cons of…

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The Invisible Empire ~ Branko Malic

A rather chilling article on possible Russian ideological global intentions...intended to mark the cards of any aspiring Russophiles... It is part 2 of a series. Part one is here. (Note - FG refers to The Foundations of Geopolitics, a book by…

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The Loss Of Language

This is not a complex exploration of the subject, as I am not a linguist, or a scientist of any kind. This is a short account of recent observations and my initial reactions to them, as I find this subject to be baffling and even ominous. The idea…

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The Ecology of War

This is a long discussion which ''took place in Beirut, Lebanon, in Cafe Younes, on April 25, 2017'' between a surgeon named ''Dr. Gus Abu-Sitta (who) is the head of the Plastic Surgery Department at the AUB Medical Center in Lebanon''  and ''Andre…

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Lady's Videos

our bleeped up brain

Do we really see what we see, or is it an illusion. check this series out on the history channel. http://www.history.com/shows/your-bleeped-up-brain/videos/your-bleeped-up-brain-lies?m=5189717d404fa&s=All&f=1&free=false

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  • http://www.ancient-origins.net/history-famous-people/what-makes-olm...

    What Makes the Olmec Culture So Unique and Alluring?
    The Olmecs were the first true Mesoamerican civilization. There were small villages and groups of people in the area in which the Olmec developed but…
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    • Hmmm. That is interesting. 

      There are strange things going on, hard to figure out. Only a week or so ago we had fully loaded Russian warplanes (nuclear) fly by the west coast of Ireland here, and the UK scrambled their fighter jets in response. But then again we have had Extraordinary Rendition going on here for many years, in Shannon Airport, with many people picked up in faraway lands by US military and transitioned through airports here into detention, torture and goodness knows what. (And it is denied of course).

      I will check out this Gerasimov sometime over next few days :)

  • Check this article  out. 


  • Thanks will get to it, not today, to lazy, but will. Should be fun. hehe.

    • Laziness rocks :) xx

  • Hi Lady

    I added a page to this group called ''Lady's Videos''


    If you would like, go to that page and Press Add Discussion calling it whatever you like and then if you use that Discussion to add your videos they will show up in the Latest Activity Feed on Main page.

    If you don't want that's okay...just thought I would give you the option :) x

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