A place to post the work of visual artists that you find interesting. Painting, sculpture, street art, body art, nature art, and so on.

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The Art of Abhishek Singh

“A sketch is like my rosary, my meditation to convey my ideas,” ~ Abhishek Singh Shivakul Adi Shakti Shiva Kali Gangavtaran Anahata Shiva Radha Krishna Bhadra Bhairava ~ Celebrating the end of a time cycle Samadhi Durga Hanuman Abhishek Singh working....

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The Art of Tomasz Kopera

Tomasz is a Polish painter living in Ireland.   “In my work I try to reach to the subconscious. I want to keep the viewer’s attention for a longer moment.  Make him want to reflect, contemplate.”  Oceans more of his stuff out there. Dark, but Redemptive!

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The Art of Elicia Edijanto

Really lovely work She also has some animated pieces which I link to, which are gorgeous.  “Back in the old days, we used to live in nature, side by side with all its element; us human, animals, plants, in harmony. We used to live in balance and complement each other. This thought brings such a calming effect on me, she says. And when I put it in a painting, I feel wonderful peace inside. I want people to feel it too. I want to share this beautiful feeling”.  Elicia was born and lives in…

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